Welcome into our universe created in 'Here and now' through the personal transformation of each of us. For the many who believe and desire it, our site and the information provided will be a first step on a journey of regaining the purpose and freedom of action.
'Life is suffering' - one of The Four Noble Truths that Buddha taught, but we would say that suffering is in fact the struggle to give up our comfort zone by changing our behaviour and getting rid of our fears, renouncing our old Self through transformation and rebirth as well as preventing through spirituality those neurosis that are usually cured by psychotherapy. 'Neurosis is always a substitute for a legitimate suffering' Carl Jung. We aim here to share our life experience and spiritual knowledge gained in this and other lives, which will teach us all to pay attention to life 'here and now' and not in the past or future.

If you would wake up one morning and you would know it is the last day of your life, how differently would you schedule your time? in fact, we should live every day as it would be the last. We perform daily the same routined chores when we actually desire something else entirely, but we never act on it because it is very hard to come out of our 'comfort zone'. Act now! And do it instantly by using positive thinking.
There is only one way to completely fulfil your meaning in a complete manner, that of using the moment present in 'now' and the chances offered 'here'.
Be a friend of Time! Give yourself time for the moment in 'now' and become aware that the Universe gave you the gift of learning how to do this 'here'.
This work will bring us the satisfaction of Self knowledge, will teach us to live and will, chiefly, prepare us for the great spiritual shift between worlds.
'Knowing yourself you will become a winner!' Eche